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TCA  Announcement!

 DWP plans to add a Remote Substation in the Marquez Knolls on Los Liones/ Topanga State Park Land 

A Brief History of TCA’s Involvement: 

TCA members were present on January 10, 1994, at the California State Park and Recreation Commission meeting to continue their 2-year battle over the future of Los Liones Canyon. 

The motion that “the parcel remain in public domain and be used only for public purposes” passed 7-2.  The motion was amended to “specifically exclude it from any future deliberations.”  And the work began.  Partnering with CA State Parks TCA, environmentalists, park employees, neighbors, community organizations and friends took up gloves, picks and shovels to clear the parcel of over 250 tons of debris mostly by hand.  

Non-native plants were replaced with over 300 trees and 500 shrubs.  TCA President Carol Leacock received the PPCC Citizen of the Year Award in 1999 in partial recognition of her leadership to reclaim and restore Los Liones Canyon as a beautiful entrance to Topanga State Park.  

Los Liones has become one of the most popular CA parks with its hiking trails being used by people from all over the world.  In 2013, CA State Parks Angeles District Superintendent Craig Sapp firmly stated, “State Parks is not interested or considering releasing any part of Topanga State Park including any portion of Los Liones.”   As voted in 1994, the Los Liones Canyon Entrance to Topanga State Park can only be used for public purposes and not private or industrial uses.  TCA members continue doing what is needed to maintain and protect Los Liones Gateway Park.

Present Day:

DWP held a meeting via Webex on January 18, 2023, from 6:30pm-7:30pm that was open to the public. Then on January 26th, 2023, DWP attended the Thursday night Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting in which their representative stated that DWP would explore several options for the substation site, one of which being to purchase the necessary Los Liones Park land through the California State Parks Department. However, State Parks has stated in the past that the land is not for sale and cannot be purchased. 

Link to Circling the News Article: https://www.circlingthenews.com/dwp-poles-on-sunset-raise-ire/?utm_source=newsletter-1558&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CTN+Campaign

Link to Palisades News Article: https://palisadesnews.com/ladwp-to-hold-meeting-on-proposed-construction-of-a-substation-in-the-marquez-knolls-area/

TCA and the Pacific Palisades Community Council will continue to monitor this situation. TCA will post updates and meeting links via this website and our Facebook page to ensure that our community is informed and given the opportunity to make public comment. 


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