Temescal Canyon Association



Since 1972 Dedicated to the Preservation of the Santa Monica Mountains



  • TCA was founded in 1972 to prevent the sale of what is now Temescal Gateway Park for a golf driving range
  • TCA has helped preserve Temescal Canyon from a variety of threats including a cross-mountain road
  • In the mid-1970s TCA was instrumental in creating a plan for the acquisition of what is now Topanga State Park.
  • TCA built a bridge near the waterfall in Temescal Canyon to replace one lost to fire
  • TCA built another bridge in Temescal Gateway Park
  • TCA built a section of trail linking the Temescal Ridge Trail to street access
  • TCA regularly replaces trail signs
  • TCA leads weekly hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains in the summer and monthly Sunday hikes during the rest of the year
  • TCA occasionally conducts counts of hikers on local trails to support State Parks when requesting additional staffing
  • TCA continues to revise and print a map of hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains